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Recognised leaders in the field of Code compliance.

Code Clarity's co-founders, Rina and Jean, strongly believe in sharing compliance confidence. They have poured their years of insight and experience into simple solutions to make this easier and clearer for you.

What are people saying?

I really value the little snippets of learning that encourage a judgement call. I'm finding that even though I know the code inside out, having recently done the course and exam, it's a whole different ballgame when you're on your own.
Medical Advisor
The session was incredibly well received – so insightful and practical – the most engaging compliance session I think any of the team had ever attended.
Head of Scientific Services
I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the team, who in fact said ’this was the best code training ever’ - they all felt like you made it really fun, so thank you again.
Operations Manager
The most enjoyable ABPI Code course I’ve ever been on.
Senior Brand Manager
An excellent originator workshop. Your presentation and explanations were clear and simple – with good examples. Your guidance and approach on the interpretation of the code was very practical and useful - certainly was a good refresher for me.
Marketing Manager

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We run a range of Live Surgeries & Events, which can be booked and accessed individually OR in advance as part of a Collection. Each is facilitated by experienced signatories and ABPI Code experts so you can feel confident in getting clear and actionable advice.

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