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Our eResources include specific checklists on activities, workbooks containing mock assessments and e-books on areas.

Checklist: Legitimate Exchange of Medical and Scientific information (LEMS)

LEMS is a non-promotional activity that may be undertaken while a medicine is in development. This checklist provides principles, requirements and examples based on the ABPI Code and interpretations of PMCPA case rulings.

eBook: Agency workbook

A workbook for agencies containing key points to help focus agency facilitation of efficient and compliant working with UK Pharma companies. This workbook should be used alongside other elements of the Code Clarity Agency Collection.

eBook: Engaging Patients to Provide Services

This e-book outlines requirements under the ABPI Code of Practice when pharmaceutical companies engage patients to provide a service.

eBook: Signatory workbook

This eBook allows aspiring or new signatories to: To gain a good understanding of the level that is required to pass a signatory assessment, and work towards that; to practice skills, such as asking the right questions and to improve knowledge, such as finding relevant PMCPA case rulings.

Checklist: Banner adverts

A checklist to provide confidence to pharma/agency staff when creating and approving banner adverts. Clear principles are provided, illustrated by requirements and examples.

Checklist: Disease Awareness

The purpose of a Disease Awareness or Public Health Campaign is to encourage members of the public to gain advice or seek treatment for their symptoms while in no way promoting the use of a specific medicine. This checklist provides the principles of a Disease Awareness campaign with requirements and examples.

Checklist: Advisory Boards

How to organise and approve Advisory Boards under the UK Code. This checklist sets out clear principles and provides requirements and examples.

Checklist: Press Releases

This checklist helps pharma and agency staff create and approve compliant press releases that may come under the UK Code. Principles are accompanied by requirements and examples.

Checklist: When does the UK Code apply to non-UK pharma?

Whether you're working with Global colleagues or, you're in a Global role worrying about when the UK Code applies... improve your compliance confidence using our easy checklist setting out all you need to know: principles, requirements and examples.

Checklist: Promotional Emails

This checklist helps pharma/agency staff gain compliance confidence when creating, approving and sending promotional emails - covering all the key principles as well as specific requirements and examples.

Checklist: UK Pharma Company Created Websites

This checklist helps pharma/agency originators, reviewers, approvers and auditors to mitigate against complaince risks when creating effective pharma websites.

Checklist: Engaging Social Media Influencers

This checklist can be used by UK pharma/agencies that want to know how to engage social media influencers compliantly. Principles are accompanied by requirements.

Checklist: When does the ABPI Code apply to social media?

This checklist can be used by UK or non-UK pharma/agencies that want to know in which scenarios the UK ABPI Code applies. Principles are accompanied by requirements and illustrated using examples. This checklist is provided within the E-book "Social Media Basics" or can be purchased separately.

Checklist: Using LinkedIn Compliantly

This checklist can be used by UK pharma/agencies that want to know how LinkedIn can be used compliantly in terms of both content and engagement. Principles are accompanied by requirements and illustrated using examples.

Guide: Social Media Basics

This e-book is suitable for all levels in UK or non-UK pharma/agencies that want to know about basic ABPI Code and PMCPA Social Media guidance principles and requirements. It provides compliance confidence in creating, approving and using social media and includes a checklist on when the ABPI Code applies.